It is common knowledge that business success is highly dependent on a robust strategic plan. It is a management tool that guides the organisation while executing the chosen strategy.

Why Strategic Planning?  Building a competitive edge | Easier communication of strategy to stakeholders | Prioritising financial needs | Providing focus and direction and acting as a guide to set goals


At Glasshouse, we strongly believe that all communication needs must be underpinned by a comprehensive strategic planning process.

A snapshot of our Strategic Planning Services:

  • Internal audits
  • Communication audits
  • Communication strategies and plans
  • Evaluation of programmes and plans
  • Development of concepts



It is no surprise that people and organisations act on perception and this is where public relations play an essential role in brand reputation and management.

Why Public Relations? Improving credibility | Increased lead generation | Better targeted audience | Better reach | Lower costs as compared to other promotional means



A snapshot of our Public Relations Services:

  • Financial / investor relations
  • Crisis communication
  • Corporate communication
  • Product launches



Realising the importance of media relations, Glasshouse has a great rapport with editors, journalists and producers to ensure the correct style of editorial for a medium and understanding what is expected. We have extensive experience in corporate and international media relations too.

Why Media Relations?  Improving credibility and reputation | Essential for press coverage | More control over the narrative surrounding your organisation

A snapshot of our Media Relations Services:

  • Thorough knowledge of the media landscape
  • Research and writing of media releases
  • Development and updating of media lists as well as areas of speciality and focus
  • Setting up one-on-one interviews
  • Arranging media conferences
  • Setting up panel discussions (where applicable)
  • Implementing media programmes
  • Developing specific programmes for immediate intervention, including crisis communication plans, new product launches, financial results etc.




In today's uncertain business scenario, every organisation is vulnerable to risk and crisis. Thus, proper preparation in crisis management and crisis communication training can go a long way.

Why Crisis Communication Plans? Better equipped to handle crises | Awareness of potential threats | Improved levels of regulatory compliance | Upper hand over competitors



A snapshot of our Crisis Communication Plans Services:

  • Development of crisis communication, strategies and crisis management techniques, development of key messages and core narratives
  • Maintaining a database of key journalists pertinent to an industry and developing working relationships with these journalists for communication in emergency situations
  • Media training and social media crisis communication



Events, big or small, can hold significant value for stakeholders of an organisation.

Why Event Management?  Improved credibility and popularity | Inflow of creative ideas | Increased customer satisfaction | Expert planning | Post-event analysis and lessons learned


We are proficient at event management in South Africa and can organise small to large events as we have the experience to handle all aspects of an activation including entertainment, technical requirements, lighting, sound, travel and any audio-visual needs.

A snapshot of our Event Management Services:

  • Corporate events
  • International events
  • Golf days
  • Awards dinners
  • New product launches
  • Fashion shows
  • Traditional dance festivals
  • Themed parties
  • Client relationship building activities
  • Internal incentive schemes
  • Year-end functions
  • Media events
  • Conferences and congresses

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Investor and Financial Communication


As an organisation, it is essential to keep in constant touch with stakeholders as their decisions affect overall strategy and vice versa.


Why Investor and Financial Communication? More accountability for the organisation | Attracting new investors and stakeholders | Investor relationships form the infrastructure of the company | Higher levels of growth and prosperity


As a strategic management responsibility,

Glasshouse offers a comprehensive investor

relations and financial communication service.



A snapshot of our Investor and Financial Communication Services:

  • Identifying a programme according to specific needs e.g. listings, year-end results, annual reports, investor relations, shareholder relations
  • Developing a programme to ensure clients keep in touch with the investor community such as analysts, stock brokers and media
  • Presentations to the Investment Analyst Society and others
  • Media conferences and announcements based on JSE / SENS requirements
  • Building the image of a company that is to list, the build-up to the listing and post listing
  • Management and placement of all required advertising



Stakeholders are members of an organisation, external or internal, who are affected by the decisions of the organisation or who can influence the strategies of the organisation.

Why Stakeholder Relation programmes? Better understanding from all quarters | Better dialogue | Increased levels of trust and credibility | Forging of long-term positive relationships


Proper stakeholder relations are essential for the overall well-being of the business as well as a means to improve reputation.

A snapshot of our Stakeholder relations Services:

  • Identifying areas that need communicating
  • Identifying communication structures
  • Development of communication channels
  • Implementing programmes and monitoring achievements


Digital Communication


We are the agency for the digital age! In today’s world, digital communication is the norm with over two billion people with access to the Internet every single day.


Why Digital Communication? Brands can reach the audience directly | Location-based marketing | Brands are now publishers | Cross channel promotion | Social media integration


Therefore, Glasshouse focuses on relationships beyond publicity in traditional media as well as media convergence. Simplifying digital through building expert led social media strategies, we provide real solutions to enhance your marketing efforts. There is a need to stay ahead of and in touch with your target market, in order to stay connected. Our approach starts with a digital audit, followed by strategic alignment, best practices and integration. Working closely with our clients, we develop a strategic road map, with digital at the core.

A snapshot of our Digital Communication Services:

  • Social media: Setting up and monitoring of full social media activities including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Websites: Design and content management of client websites from conceptualisation to content updates and linking to social media
  • Search Engine Optimisation: Ensuring that client websites reach required levels on desired search engines, thereby maximising visibility on the web



With a keen focus on the written word, we are able to prepare a variety of literature. Working closely with our client service professionals, our writers will ensure the messaging is consistent, through the holistic approach we take with clients.

Why Writing?  Better communication of ideas and concepts | Overall positive effect on the business | Attracts more stakeholders by creating an interest | Increased credibility and reputation


A snapshot of our Writing Services:

  • Press releases
  • Speeches
  • Letters
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Annual reports
  • Invitations
  • Web copy
  • Content management

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Advertising / Advertorial Resources


The importance of advertising and advertorials cannot be undermined in the digital age. Glasshouse can handle the production of all material from copywriting to print and distribution including annual reports, interim reports, financial announcement advertisements, acquisition announcements and investor relations.

Why Advertising / Advertorial Resources? Creates awareness for the brand | Ability to reach out to a targeted audience | Increased credibility | Amplification of products and services



A snapshot of our Advertising / Advertorial Services:

  • Copywriting
  • Print and distribution
  • Investor relations

Media Planning


Brilliant media plans do not develop overnight or by accident. They require strategised planning and a disciplined approach. Therefore, as part of our integrated communication offering, Glasshouse can provide full media planning and buying services for its PR clients.

Why Media Planning?  Makes the brand and messaging more compelling | Ensures the message is conveyed to the right target audience | Ensures the messages are conveyed at the right time | More strategic planning of the entire advertising process


A snapshot of our Writing Services:

  • Media planning
  • Media buying
  • Media strategy

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